soopymcspooky: ahh I'm so glad I found this blog, just to say great job! <3

ahh I have a request if you’re not busy? :D could you make more gifs of the milkman? It doesn’t matter which part, all of his moments are golden <3

Thank you for the praise, and of course! If you’re willing to wait a couple of weeks. I’m studying abroad for another couple of weeks, so I don’t have my tools.

Let us never speak of this again.

hashtagupgradeordie: i should have put that in german i missed an opportunity to be a german speaking sasha


hashtagupgradeordie: goodbye friend i am gone


hashtagupgradeordie: hello friend i am here


I was replaying the game today and I just

really quick shoutout to a Raz at NYCC today! ;;;;;

I was the one who yelled something at you as the crowds outside Artist Alley pushed me away from you, ahhhh~

idk if you had a Tumblr but this is in the slight hope you have a Tumblr, but I just wanted to send my love your way better than screaming “RAZ” over and over, though I didn’t see you again or get to take a photo with you! ;__;

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The peaceful city of Lungfishopolis is under attack tonight by a hideous, gigantic monster the terrified citizens have named ‘Goggalor’.